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Here we are to shake Your hands and kiss You straight on lips. We are born as a free soul to express attitude and individuality through its deep-rooted links to Punk, HipHop, Rap music, nightlife, motorbikes, iconic California and LA life style, Tattoo Art and of course girls!



It all started in 2016, after a night dream, where sexy American girl was wearing only panties and a T-shirt. And since then we want to make it easy for people to be visible, bold and sexy! That’s our story, how we were born and we are here to impress You as we can get satisfied!


We are called Every 1 Cares, but You can simply say E1C. Our mission is to make You happy and to dress You right! Thats why we have created T-Shirts to express Your individual style! Oh yeah, You will have to work Your ass off to succeed, but it’s much easier with the right attitude, isn’t it?



If You seek to mess up the norm, to push boundaries and You are collaborative in Your approach – we feel responsible to pull You out into the light! We create unique remarkable things, to help You be visible, be bold, be better than yesterday. We surely think independent design printed Tees are made just for You.


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